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1 Day - 3 Cities



135 EUR - per group


Gothic, Art Nouveau, Modernism:  History, Entertainment and Marine Tradition -  the mix you can find in the Tri-City guarantee unforgettable adventure.
We will give all those who have little time, but a great desire to see all the most important monuments of Tri-City! During this one-day tour we will show you a restored after World War II the center of Gdansk. A Long Street with beautiful houses, bars and cafes, a fountain of Neptune, "amber" Mary's Street, the Crane and the Island of Granaries. In Sopot on the "Monciak Street" - the most famous promenade in the country and the Spa Square with a modern Haffner Center you will feel atmosphere of Baltic Sea resort. Also walk around the longest wooden pier in Europe will provide an unforgettable experience. At the end of a visit you will go to Gdynia to see Batleship “Lightning” and  Frigate “Gift of Pomerania” which remind us rich history of the Polish Navy and Shipbuilding tradition.

       Upland Gate
       Torture Chamber
       Golden Gate
       The Royal Route
       The Long Market
       The Main Town Hall
       Neptune fountain
       Motława River bank
       The Crane
       St. Mary's Church
       Great Armoury
       St. Brygida Church
       The Carmelite Church of St. Catherine
       The Great Mill
       The Polish Post Office
       Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970

       Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street
       Therapeutic Park
       The Pier

       The Kościuszko Square
       ORP Błyskawica [Battleship Błyskawica]
       Dar Pomorza [Yaht Dar Pomorza]
       Gdynia Sea Aquarium

We can extend the trip by visiting:
- Oliwa Cathedral
with organ concert and tour of the park Oliwski
- Westerplatt 
- Tickets to: Gdynia Sea Aquarium, pier in Sopot, St. Mary's Church
     - Transport

We can organise transport for any group of people !!!

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