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Elblag Canal Tour


Price per person:

92 EUR - 2 persons
66 EUR - 3 persons
53 EUR - 4 persons
45 EUR - 5 persons
40 EUR - 6 persons
36 EUR - 7 persons
33 EUR - 8 persons
53 EUR - 9-10 persons
47 EUR - 11-12 perosns
42 EUR - 13-14 persons


- See unique in the whole world monument of hydro-engineering
- Experience one of the 7 wonders of Poland
- Check how it`s possible to sail on the grass


We invite you to a tour by Elblg-Ostródzki canal, which is unique in the whole world monument of hydro-engineering, recognized as a historical monument and one of the 7 wonders of the Polish. The tour starts at Buczyniec and will be led by the four inclined planes, which will drag up uphill or drain down boat by the water-powered hoists special system. During the 2h tour we beat 9.6 km disnance, where the difference in level is 99.5 meters.

Meeting with guide and departure to Buczyniec.
Boat cruise on the canal by four inclined planes ( Buczyniec, Olesnica, Jablonki, Jelenie )
Finish a boat tour in Jelenie and transport to Elblag
Caffe break and free time in Elblag
Driving back to Gdansk and finish a tour

What`s Included:
• Transportation with an private driver
• Tickets for a cruise
• Parking fees


Good to Know:
• Pick up from your hotel in Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, Please indicate your meeting point.
• Whole day cruise tour on the way Elblag - Ostroda


*With large groups, the prices are settled individually

The canal was designed in 1825–44 by Georg Steenke and construction began in 1844. The difference in height over a 9.5 kilometres section of the route between the lakes was too great for building traditional locks; an ingenious system of inclined planes based on those used on the Morris Canal was employed instead, though the canal includes a few locks as well. There were originally four inclined planes with a fifth added later, replacing five wooden locks. Built under the name Oberländischer Kanal (Upper land Canal) and situated in the Kingdom of Prussia, it was opened on the 29 October 1860.[2] Since 1945 the canal is now in Poland. After wartime damage was repaired, it was restored to operation in 1948 and is now used for tourism.

The Inclined Planes
The four original inclined planes are in order from the summit level downwards, Buczyniec (Buchwalde) with a rise of 20.4m and a length of 224.8m, Katy (Kanten) with a rise of 18.83m and a length of 225.97m, Olesnica (Schönfeld) with a rise of 21.97m and a length of 262.63m and Jelenie (Hirschfeld) with a rise of 21.97m and a length of 263.63m.[3] The fifth incline was Calony Nowe (Neu-Kussfeld) with a rise of 13.72m, it was built to replace five wooden locks close to Elblg.[2][4] They were constructed from 1860 to 1880.
The inclines all consist of two parallel rail tracks with a gauge of 3.27m. Boats are carried on carriages which run on these rails. The inclines rise from the lower level of the canal to a summit and then down a second shorter incline to the upper canal level. The first part of the main incline and the short upper incline were both built at a gradient of 1:24. A carriage is lowered down the incline to counterbalance an upward moving carriage. Once the downward moving carriage has reached the summit and started down the main incline its weight helps pull up the upward moving carriage. This allowed the slope of the incline for this section to be built at a higher gradient of 1:12.



map of canal canal inclined planes canal inclined planes
canal inclined planes canal inclined planes canal inclined planes

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