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Gdańsk-Main City


Price per person:

79 EUR - per group 2h
89 EUR - per group 3h


Monumental Gothic, Italian Renaissance and delicate Mannerism – extraordinarily beautiful play of forms.

This is our best offer for a walking tour to get to know the character, history and atmosphere of Gdansk. All sights worth seeing here are just a short distance from each other. It's perfect for those who have limited time to explore. Our professional guides in an interesting way tell about seen monuments and "sell" some fascinating stories, anecdotes and facts that you will not easily forget about our city!
       Upland Gate
       Torture Chamber
       Golden Gate
       The Royal Route
       The Long Market
       Main Town Hall
       Neptune fountain
       Motława River bank
       The Crane
       St. Mary's Church
       Great Armoury

We can organise transport for any group of people !!!

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