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Gniew Castle and Pelplin Cathedral Tour


Price per person:

102 EUR - 2 persons
70 EUR - 3 persons
54 EUR - 4 persons
45 EUR - 5 persons
38 EUR - 6 persons
33 EUR - 7 persons
30 EUR - 8 persons


- visit the Diocesan Museum in Pelplin with Gutenberg Bible
- sighseeing the Pelplin Cathedral Basilica wth the highest wooden altar
- see the Teutonic Order Castle in Gniew
- learn about the history of the Teutonic Knights and Prusis State


The region of Pomerania is rich in attractions, one of them is Gutenberg Bible which is located in the Pelplin`s Cathedral. From bibles which was printed in the years 1452 to 1455 only 48 survived. Less than half of them is completed and among them one is in Pelplin. Another treasure is Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the second biggest  brick building in Poland. You will find them huge amount of side altars, baroque organ from 4.5 thousand pipes, the highest wooden altar in Poland, gothic oak stalls, numerous historic paintings and frescoes. 

Another big atraction is Gniew Castle - built by the Teutonic Knights in XIII century. After 1939, German occupation authorities placed inside the castle prison for Poles. The reconstruction of the monument began in the years 1968-1974 during which partially restored the appearance of the castle from the Middle Ages In the castle you will see history hall, castle armoury, castle chapel, defensive cloisters and World War I & II military exhibition. At the end not to get bored - we go to the torture chamber located in the basement of Gniew Castle’s north wing. This is an exhibition of old torture devices and techniques. 


What's Included:
• Transportation via minibus
• Private Tour guide in the Diocesan Museum, Cathedral Basilica, Gniew Castle
• Entrance fees to Diocesan Museum, Cathedral Basilica, Gniew Castle
• Parking fees


- We can organise a living history lesson in Gniew Castle 


*With large groups, the prices are settled individually.

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