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Slowinski National Park Tour


Price per person:

119 EUR - 2 persons
81 EUR - 3 persons
62 EUR - 4 persosns
51 EUR - 5 persons
43 EUR - 6 persons
38 EUR - 7 persons
55 EUR - 8-9 persons
46 EUR - 10-11 persons
42 EUR - 12-14 personen


- Go to the Slowinski National Park with beautiful moving dunes
- Climb up the Lacka Dune (42 m) on only desert in Poland
- Drive to the �eba - small town at the Baltic Sea

Slowinski National Park is one of 23 national parks in Poland and one of two seaside parks. It was fomed to preserve the beauty of the system unchanged sea lakes (Lebsko and Gardno ), swamps, forests and especially unique moving dunes. Environmentalists value qualities of SPN and put it on international lists of protected areas such as: HELCOMBSPA, World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO or wetland Ramsar. The part of Slowinski National Park was used by German army during the WWII as a large rocket experimental polygon and place of training the Africa Corps.

The distance from the Park entrance gate to shifting dunes is 8 km so transport by melexes is provided.

We can also organised stop in Leba - little town on the cost of Baltic Sea situated next to SNP, at the outlet of Leba River.

What's Included:
• Transportation by minibus
• Private Tour guide
• tranpsort by melex through the park to the dunes - one way

- We can organise cruise on Lebsko Lake which shorten walk from dunes

*With large groups, the prices are settled individually

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