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The Amber Track


Price per person:

97 EUR - 2 persons
69 EUR - 3 persons
53 EUR - 4 persons
44 EUR - 5 persons
39 EUR - 6 persons
34 EUR - 7 persons
46 EUR - 8-10 persons
35 EUR - 11-14 persons


The Amber Track Tour

Amber, the gold of the North, magnificent stone with wonderful properties, is used not only as charm or jewellery, but also in cosmetics and medicine. Its rich history and the history of Gdańsk overlap to a considerable extent.  It was precisely in this town by the Motlava River that amber was manufactured as early as the 10th century A.D. It was the inhabitants of Gdańsk who were the authors of the famous Amber Chamber, lost during World War II, and it is Gdańsk where the Amber Track originated from, thanks to which the Baltic Gold was transported to the most remote parts of Europe.

The Amber Track is our offer aimed at all the amber enthusiasts and all those who would like to see this golden, albeit forgotten, side of our town.  We encourage you to explore it!

Route: Ambermoda / Amber Fashion/ - artistic jewellery workshop (Sopot), the Inclusion Museum(Gdynia), the Gdańsk Barbican – Amber Museum, Amber Fifth Avenue (Gdańsk, Długa street, Mariacka street, Długie Pobrzeże / Long Riverbank/, Długi Targ/Long Market/)


The price includes: transportation by a minibus, a private tour guide, entrance tickets to Inclusion Museum and Amber Museum

Languages: english, german, polish, spanish, russian


*With large groups, the prices are settled individually

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