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The Hel Peninsula Tour


Price per person:

111 EUR - 2 persons
75 EUR - 3 persons
59 EUR - 4 persons
47 EUR - 5 persons
39 EUR - 6 persons
33 EUR - 7 persons
43 EUR - 8-10 persons
34 EUR - 11-14 persons


- Drive to the Hel Peninsula sandbar in the Baltic Sea at the end of Poland
- Go to the Seal Protection Centre, a protected breeding center for seals
- Visit the Coast Defence Museum

Discover the end of Poland on a full-day sightseeing minibus tour of the Hel Peninsula, a magnificent sandbar that juts out into the open Baltic Sea.

This Polish Land`s End is an enchanting environment of white sand beaches, traditional fishermen`s houses and cozy bars, where you will have an opportunity to sample some typical Kashubian specialties.

During the trip you will visit Hel, a thriving fishing town located on the edge of the 82-foot (25-meter) peninsula. Wander the charming streets, lined with fishing-style cafés and restaurants. Stop at the Seal Protection Centre, where seals are offered a safe haven for breeding.

Next, go to Jurata Pier and stroll out across the silvery sea. 

What's Included:

• Transportation by minibus
• Private Tour Guide
• Entrance tickets to the seal protection centre, Coast Defence Museum, and lighthouse

*With large groups, the prices are settled individually

Hel Penisnula Hel Penisnula Hel Penisnula

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