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The Town of Frombork Tour


Price per person:

105 EUR - 2 persons
74 EUR - 3 persons
55 EUR - 4 persons
44 EUR - 5 persons
37 EUR - 6 persons
33 EUR - 7 persons
53 EUR - 8-9 persons
45 EUR - 10-11 persons
39 EUR - 12-14 persons


- Visit the town where Copernicus lived, worked and died
- Tour the medieval complex of Frombork's Cathedral Hill
- Observe how the Earth moves revolves around its own axis at Foucault's Pendulum
- Relax on the beaches of the Vistula River
- See the superb organ of the Gothic cathedral

Discover the town where the great Polish astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus, lived, worked and died on this full-day sightseeing trip to Frombork from Gdansk.

The enchanting town, known as the jewel of the Warmia Region, provides a great opportunity to learn more about the astronomer, while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the Tricity.

You will visit all of the town’s most interesting attractions, including Cathedral Hill, where the complex of medieval buildings has been classed as amongst the highest in the world. See the bishops` palaces, canonical curias, defensive walls, towers, and bastilles. Last, but not least, tour the Gothic cathedral with its magnificent organ.

You will also visit Radziejowski Tower and the Focault Pendulum, a device that enables you to observe with your own eyes the way the Earth revolves around its own axis. After all this science, you will deserve a relaxing break on the wonderful beaches of the Vistula River Lagoon.

What's Included:
• Transportation by minibus
• Private Tour Guide in City of Frombork
• Entrance tickets to the Palace, Copernicus Museum, Radziejowski Tower and the Cathedral

*With large groups, the prices are settled individually


Frombork Frombork Frombork

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