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Wolf`s Lair and St Lipka Tour


Price per person:

139 EUR - 2 persosn
99 EUR - 3 persons
79 EUR - 4 persons
68 EUR - 5 persons
58 EUR - 6 persons
49 EUR - 7 persons
45 EUR - 8 persons
59 EUR - 9-11 persons
51 EUR - 11-12 persons
44 EUR - 13-14 persons



• Tour in Wolf`s Lair: Hitler's headquarters during II World War
• Visit St. Lipka where you listen to an organ concert in the most beautiful baroque church in northern Poland


The Wolf’s Lair (Wolfschanze, ) was Hitler's headquarters, very well-guarded place from which the Hitler commanded the Nazi State continuously from 1941 to November 1944. Among others available for sightseeing are Hitler's bunker and air-raid shelter, command centre and security center, residence of Hermann Göring, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Keitel, Conference room where 20 July 1944 took a place assassination attempt on Hitler life. In January 1944 during the evacuations of German army complex was destroyed but some bunkers remained intact and are an attraction for visitors from around the world.

Additional attraction will be visit the most beautiful baroque church in northern Poland, sanctuary of St. Marry, place of miracle from IV centrury, where you will have opportunity to sightseeing Church and listen an organ concert.


What's Included:
• Private Transport
• Private Tour guide in Wolf`s Lair
• Entrance tickets to Wolf`s Lair ( Hotel pick up)

*With large groups, the prices are settled individually

Wolf`s Lair Wolf`s Lair Wolf`s Lair
Wolf`s Lair St. Lipka St. Lipka

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