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Russia – Kaliningrad Tour


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Kaliningrad has a lot of attractions. To see the most interesting ones and get a deep understanding of Kaliningrad’s unique history and people, is possible by taking our Kaliningrad city tour. Our local guides will absolutely deliver you a special experience! The tour is client-centered and the guides are flexible!


  • Gothic-style Cathedral, Kant’s Island, Kant’s tomb
  • Fish village area with Pregola river’s view
  • Brandenburg Gate with marzipan museum
  • Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Peter and Fevronia Church in the heart of the city – Victory Square
  • Magnificent Upper Lake Area with Dona Tower which hosts the Amber Museum
  • Rossgarten, King’s and Friedland Gate
  • House of Soviets Area, King’s Castle excavation site

Kaliningrad is a small, cozy and at the same time dynamic city being developed so rapidly within the past few years and begging to be explored…  A mixture of German, Soviet and Russian architecture, the sights of medieval history, red-bricked fortification, communist time and local people who love and respect own difficult history – this is all Kaliningrad!
You will see inside the heart and soul of the city and come to realize just why locals love Kaliningrad!


What`s included:

  • Private transport (Hotel pick up)
  • Professional local guide (5h)
  • Free time in Kaliningrad
  • Travel Insurance



  • Admission tickets are 4-5 Euros depending on the museum. 1 or 2 Museums. Recommended: Bunker’s Museum, Amber museum, Friedland Gate’s Museum or submarine, dependant on your interests and opening days. You can choose during the tour
  • All guest need to apply for Russian on-line free. Face photo is needed. Waiting time is 5 days. We helping in getting visa.
    All details and application:

Time: 11-12 hours

Good to know:

  • Pick up from your hotel in Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, Please indicate your meeting point. Departure: from 07:00 till 09:00 (At your convenience)
  • It is possible to use the transfer back the next day, if you would like to stay overnight in Kaliningrad or sightseeing the Curonian Spit – the Unesco World Heritage Site or Baltiysk and Yantarny.

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