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Wolf`s Lair and St Lipka Tour


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• Tour in Wolf`s Lair: Hitler’s headquarters during II World War
• Visit St. Lipka where you listen to an organ concert in the most beautiful baroque church in northern Poland

The Wolf’s Lair (Wolfschanze, ) was Hitler’s headquarters, very well-guarded place from which the Hitler commanded the Nazi State continuously from 1941 to November 1944. Among others available for sightseeing are Hitler’s bunker and air-raid shelter, command centre and security center, residence of Hermann Göring, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Keitel, Conference room where 20 July 1944 took a place assassination attempt on Hitler life. In January 1944 during the evacuations of German army complex was destroyed but some bunkers remained intact and are an attraction for visitors from around the world.

Additional attraction will be visit the most beautifula and only baroque church in northern Poland, sanctuary of St. Marry, place of miracle from IV centrury and constant pilgrimage place. You will have opportunity to sightseeing this unique Church and listen an organ concert.

Time: 10 h

What’s Included:
• Private Transport ( Hotel pick up)
• Private Tour guide in Wolf`s Lair
• Entrance tickets to Wolf`s Lair

Good to Know:
• Pick up from your hotel in Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, Please indicate your meeting point.
• Kids under 7 for free (please inform us about childs)

 Departure: 08:30

We offer additionally:
• Mamerki- Headquarters of Nazi Land Forces (OKH) – 80 euro group + 5 euro pp. (transport, guide, tickets)
• Leśniewo – Masurian Canal Lock – 50 euro group + 4 euro (transport, tickets)

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History of Wolf’s Lair

In the forest between the lakes Siercze and Moj 9 km east of Ketrzyn is the complex of bunkers, which during World War II was the headquarters of the armed forces high command and Hitler’s headquarters. Commander of the Third Reich stayed here for over 900 days.

Construction and expansion of accommodation lasted 4 years. The first buildings were built in August 1940. They were wooden and brick buildings. The plan of attack on the Soviet Union assumed that most of the territory of the European part is scored as early as December 1940, including Moscow, Leningrad, the Caucasus. As the plans failed to realize in 1942, the expansion of accommodation.

Team principal object of command was an independent city in which the function boilers, power plant, water supply with its own water intake, cinema, casino, central telephone-radio, airport and railway station. This town was hidden in the forest complex covering about 800 ha. The main area of ​​apartments, about 250 acres was surrounded by barbed wire and minefields.
The headquarters is related to an event that could change the course of World War II. The special briefing on 20 July 1944 Filp Claus Graf von Stauffenberg has one of the most famous attacks on Adolf Hitler.

In 1959, the land “Wolf’s Lair” were made available to the public. Since then come here every year thousands of tourists from around the world. In the vicinity of the bunkers was parking, hotel, camping and a restaurant.



Mamerki- Headquarters of Nazi Land Forces (OKH)

In Mazurian Lake District, on Mazurian Canal, 8 km from Węgorzewo, 22 km from Giżycko, 25 km from Kętrzyn, 18 km from Gierłoż, there is a complex of undamaged Nazi shelters, one of the best-preserved in Poland. In 1940-1944 buildings and concrete shelters were constructed for forty highest generals and field marshals, 1500 officers and Wehrmacht soldiers; 250 buildings, including 30 shelters, remained undamaged. Nazis did not have time to blow up shelters, they were left without fight by Wehrmacht forces in January 1945.



Leśniewo – Masurian Canal Lock

The Masurian Canal is an unfinished 50.4 km long canal connecting the Lava River in Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia (a tributary of the Pregolya) and Lake Mamry, one of the Masurian Lakes in Poland.

The present-day Polish-Russian border cuts through the canal, with the southern section, about 20 km long, located in Poland, and the remainder in Russia. There are ten locks on the canal, five in each country, designed to handle boats up to 7.7 metres (25 ft) wide, 45 metres (148 ft) long, with a draught of 2.5 metres (8 ft 2 in).

The canal’s purpose was to spur the economic development of East Prussia. Construction began in 1911 but was interrupted by World War I, was resumed in the 1920s – since Russian trade ceased after the October Revolution – and again in the 1930s. The project was finally terminated by World War II, with no attempt to finish the canal afterwards.




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